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Abdominal pain has many causes ranging from issues within the abdominal cavity itself, to tears or pains in the muscular structure surrounding the organs of the abdominal cavity.

Abdominal pain is most often caused by extreme twisting of the torso. This can happen while turning to look behind, playing contact sports wherein a force is exerted on the upper or lower half of the body, or any number of other traumas to the core.

Pain is generally felt on the side of the abdomen and fairly localized. When the pain is felt deeply or radiating, it is a sign of a more serious internal issue.

KT Tape can help relieve sore muscles, swollen areas, and aid the healing process*. Often times the pain is minor and not threatening, but for more serious pain please consult a physician prior to any self-treatment. After a diagnosis has been made, you can use KT Tape to relieve pain and provide support*.

*Not clinically proven for all injuries

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